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The Video Game Newsroom Time Machine is a weekly retro gaming podcast in which we travel back in time to see what was making headlines 40, 30, and 20 years ago in the arcade, video game, and computer gaming business and interview industry veterans. 

We try to put those events into historical context to understand how the industry of today came to be. 

It's fun and educational! (in case you need to justify listening to it to a significant other)

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Jan 19, 2020

Commodore updates its Systems for the new decade
The Turbo Grafix 16 heralds in the age of the CD
Gaming takes to the web...

These stories and many more on this month's episode of the Video Game Newsroom Time Machine

This month we will look back at the biggest stories in and around the video game industry in November of 1980, 1990, 2000.
As always, we'll mostly be using magazine cover dates, and those are of course always a bit behind the actual events..

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A special thanks to The History of How We Play: for our new, amazing time travel sound effects!

Show Notes:
HP goes PC

Commodore's Pet learns some new tricks

The Temple of Apshai gets not one but two sequels!

Muse advertises their Super Text software in Micro magazine

Cinematronics sells Vectorbeam to Exidy
RePlay 01-1980, pg. 7

Chuck E Cheese breaks out of CA
RePlay 01-1980, pg. 18

TurboGrafix CD hits the US!

Michael Katz is the new CEO of Sega

Unlicensed NES carts are all the rage

Konix Multisystem saved!

Nintendo launches big marketing push in the UK

Nintendo announces network services

Arcade video games slumped in 1989
RePlay January 1990 pg. 44
RePlay January 1990 pg. 38

Dave and Busters gets bought out
Play Meter magazine January 1990, pg. 24

Amiga "New Art" limited edition A500s released in Germany

Cinemaware becomes an EA affiliate Label

Virgin licenses Dune

Codemasters gets into the CD game

German magazine 64er previews the new Manfred Trenz game, Hurrican

Hard Drivin' for the C64 looms

Romero blocks

Ultima 9 plagued by bugs

Babylon 5 license up for grabs

Microsoft is found guilty

FAA bans In-Flight Entertainment systems

Sega's Chairman sees a hardwareless future for the company

Interplay refocuses as a console developer

Infogrames buys GT Interactive

Pokemon movie had to catch'em all

The Web is where it's at
PlayMeter January 2000, pg. 34

Thresh launches

Origin hard at work on Privateer Online

WWII Online announced

Former head of CompuServe Germany acquitted on appeal,401170

The Day Pinball died...

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