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The Video Game Newsroom Time Machine is a weekly retro gaming podcast in which we travel back in time to see what was making headlines 40, 30, and 20 years ago in the arcade, video game, and computer gaming business and interview industry veterans. 

We try to put those events into historical context to understand how the industry of today came to be. 

It's fun and educational! (in case you need to justify listening to it to a significant other)

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Nov 9, 2019

Taito is going Made in USA
Capcom launches the CP System 1
With the PS2 launch looming, the Dreamcast is thinking "I might be in trouble"

These stories and many more on this month's episode of the Video Game Newsroom Time Machine

This month we will look back at the biggest stories in and around the video game industry in November of 1979, 1989, 1999.
As always, we'll mostly be using magazine cover dates, and those are of course always a bit behind the actual events..

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Show Notes:

FCC Regulates computer market

Last month we got Visicalc, this month we get WordStar

Taito opens American plant
RePlay November 1979, pg. 7

AMOA show preview
RePlay November 1979, pg. 28, 55

Joe Keenan becomes president of Pizza Time Theatre
Play Meter November 1979, pg 67

Atari Chess is coming

Atari tries to touch Simon...

Electronic games are big business for Xmas

Christmas outlook not so jolly
Christmas Outlook for Stores: Not So Jolly, U.S. News & World Report, November 19, 1979
Consumer Scorecard, The Associated Press, November 23, 1979


Logotron splits up

Maxwell sells Microdeal

Epyx exits computer gaming biz

Polarware gets bought by Merit Software

The Sam Coupe gets presented to the pressé

Oswald is taking Danish TV by storm

Lucasfilm games is going console,175/so,1d/list-games/,1744/

Mega Drive peripherals are on the horizon

Entrepreneurs are picking up NEC's slack

The PC Engine II is coming!

PC Engine based arcade hardware shown off at Vegas AMOA show

Capcom gets on the reusable arcade board bandwagon


Atari Games gets renamed to Midway Games West

Interplay is going to the movies

Hasbro buys Wizards of the Coast

3dfx in trouble

Dreamcast US launch numbers revealed!

Dreamcast launches in Europe

Sega talks big about online gaming

PS2 details revealed!

Game Boy Advanced announced

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