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The Video Game Newsroom Time Machine is a weekly retro gaming podcast in which we travel back in time to see what was making headlines 40, 30, and 20 years ago in the arcade, video game, and computer gaming business and interview industry veterans. 

We try to put those events into historical context to understand how the industry of today came to be. 

It's fun and educational! (in case you need to justify listening to it to a significant other)

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Oct 20, 2022

Xbox sales figures soar
3D gaming is coming to your cellphone
Cryo is no more

These stories and many more on this episode of the VGNRTM

This episode we will look back at the biggest stories in and around the video game industry in September 2002.
As always, we'll mostly be using magazine cover dates, and those are of course always a bit behind the actual events.

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7 Minutes in Heaven: Wolfenstein 3D (GBA)
Video Version:

August 2002 Ep -
Small Soldiers scene -

Playmore keeps NeoGeo alive pg. 30!AC/2002/Man%21ac%202002-09.rar pg. 29

Hackers are making old ROMs new

Xbox sales boom September 2002 pg. 8

Mario Sunshine has slow start in Japan
Edge 114 pg. 15

Driver 3 to come ot Gamecube pg. 35 September 2002 pg. 11

Dual of the online services

Sony goes after mod chips

3D gaming is the future... even on mobile
Edge 114 pg. 16

NES classics come to the E-Reader

Kemco launches GBA MP3 player pg. 35

Play yourself in the Sims

Double vision
Edge 114 pg 19

Make games using websites
Edge 114 pg 20

New Age musician launches experimental game

Print on Demand is coming to software
Edge 114 pg. 12

SeanBaby puts Blockbuster's flatfee rental scheme to the test

Gabe Newell wants Steam to spur innovation

Mindark raided

Meridian 59 Resurrection advertised September 2002 pg. 41

Games Convention comes to Leipzig September 2002 pg. 10

8 bit theater gets highlighted in EGM

Academia gets lectured on games
Edge 114 pg. 10

UK using Half Life to train soldiers

WS Anderson to direct AvP pg. 17

Spy Hunter to make the leap the big screen pg. 17,175202/

Vivendi may be looking to sell its games division

Appeal closes its doors

Cryo is no more

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