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The Video Game Newsroom Time Machine is a weekly retro gaming podcast in which we travel back in time to see what was making headlines 40, 30, and 20 years ago in the arcade, video game, and computer gaming business and interview industry veterans. 

We try to put those events into historical context to understand how the industry of today came to be. 

It's fun and educational! (in case you need to justify listening to it to a significant other)

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Sep 11, 2023

Sega introduces ratings
Nintendo beats Tengen
Sony buys Psygnosis

These stories and many more on this episode of the VGNRTM

This episode we will look back at the biggest stories in and around the video game industry in July 1993. 
As always,  we'll mostly be using magazine cover dates, and those are of course always a bit behind the actual events.

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7 Minutes in Heaven: Mighty Final Fight
    Video Version:

    June 1993 Ep -
    Ethan's fine site The History of How We Play:

EA sales way up!

Japanese game makers had bumper 1992
    Replay July 1993 pg. 14

Sega's Nakayama sees bright future
Namco goes to China
    Replay July 1993 pg. 3

The press discovers violent games
    Play Meter July 1993
Sega introduces rating system
    Play Meter July 1993  pg. 38
    RePlay July 1993 pg. 18

Genesis Street Fighter gets delayed

Sunsoft beats Action Replay
Sega announces Mega Drive 2 and MegaCD 2

Hook your TurboDuo up to your PC

Summer CES belongs to multimedia and networking
    Replay July 1993 pg. 28
7th Guest gets mixed reviews

Games gum up the works on office PCs

US government promotes Clipper
Nintendo launches barebones Gameboy

Toys R Us drops the Lynx

FAA considering game ban
Nintendo beats Atari Games in court

Phillips launches barrage of lawsuits
    Replay July 1993 pg. 14

Accolade and Sega bury the hatchet
AT&T buys stake in Sierra Network

Spectrum Holobyte buys Bullet-Proof

Sony buys Psygnosis
    Imagine documentary -

EA goes to Sesame Street

Double Dragon coming to TV

Chris Crawford gives his Dragon Speech at CGDC

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