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The Video Game Newsroom Time Machine is a weekly retro gaming podcast in which we travel back in time to see what was making headlines 40, 30, and 20 years ago in the arcade, video game, and computer gaming business and interview industry veterans. 

We try to put those events into historical context to understand how the industry of today came to be. 

It's fun and educational! (in case you need to justify listening to it to a significant other)

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Dec 22, 2021

Atari takes Pacman clones to court
Sinclair balks at government handout for BBCMicro
Captain Kirk pimps the Vic20

These stories and our celebration of 50 years of Computer Space on this episode of the VGNRTM

This episode we will look back at the biggest stories in and around the video game industry in December 1981.
As always, we'll mostly be using magazine cover dates, and those are of course always a bit behind the actual events.

Peter is on vacation so we have the pleasure of Mads from the Retro Asylum to join us.

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7 Minutes in Heaven:
Video version -
Computer Space Simulation -

November 1981 Ep -

War curtails coinop

Nutting shows off Computer Space at MOA show
Jim Trucano Interview -
Space War emulator -

Court dismisses counterclaims in Chuck E Cheese case
Play Meter, Dec. 1, 1981, pg. 121, pg. 196
May 1980 Jump -

Coinop asks: Recession? What recession?
Play Meter, Dec. 15, 1981, pg. 4

Play Meter looks back at the year that was
Play Meter, Dec. 1, 1981, pg. 43

Atari numbers continue to sore
Toy & Hobby World Dec. 1981

Atari licenses game from Namco
Replay Dec 1981, pg. 7

Atari sues Online Systems
Gaming Historian - KC Munchkin -
Ken Williams Interview -

Atari fails to stop KC Munchkin
Gaming Historian - KC Munchkin -

Odyssey2 gets reviewed

Tomy cuts deal with Midway to produce handheld games
Toy & Hobby World Dec. 1981

Coleco sees drop in electronic toys
Toy & Hobby World Dec. 1981

Captain Kirk pimps for Commodore

Atari cries foul over Intellivision ads at 1:38 at 10:44
February 1980 jump -
Michael Katz Interview Part 1 -

Creative computing reviews the IBM PC

Sinclair strikes back at government backing for BBCMicro
November 1981 Ep -

Xmas season not as bad as feared

Atari slashes price of 800

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